About Scott Maryweather

Although my friends nowadays might not believe it, there was a time in my life when I really struggled financially. I didn’t grow up with parents who were fiscally responsible, and I learned from an early age that it didn’t matter how you spent your money. As I progressed through high school and college, I found myself going deeper and deeper into debt. It was frustrating, but I really didn’t think that there was anything that I could do about it.

One day, I realized that my poor financial decisions could take a significant toll on my life. I had tried to apply for a car loan, and the bank flatly refused my request. It occurred to me that I needed to get things under control. I knew that I needed help, and so I talked to one of my friends who worked as a credit counselor.

I met with her several times, and she helped me to learn how to properly manage my finances. It took me quite awhile, but I was eventually able to develop skills that helped me to become successful and financially independent. These days, I no longer struggle with money, and believe me, it is an awesome feeling.